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We are a group of qualified experts from all over the world

Every dynamic application requires continuous support because there are so many components that make up a working software. There must be a system in place to support that.

Jeff Osborn
About us

We deliver value. See a limitless perspective of what technology can do in your business domain.

We believe in providing our customers a value-driven, highly professional experience and delivering much more technically advanced, time-efficient, and cost-effective solutions.
WSM Technologies is one of the most highly reputed web and mobile app development companies in Jordan. We offer UX/UI, Mobile App Development, Web Development, E-commerce Solutions, SEO, Branding, Graphic Design, social media marketing, content creation, and marketing automation.

The one thing that we boast of at WSM Technologies is that of our team of highly qualified, skilled and resourceful developers, testers and product managers. With years of combined experience in web and mobile apps development , they are in the position to offer the best development solutions to you across multiple platforms. It is because of their expertise that we are in the position to guarantee your satisfaction to a full 100%!
As an app development agency in Jordan, we have worked with big companies as well as start-ups, which gave us valuable insight into what all kind of businesses needs. If your idea is in its infancy, we recommend starting with us on a design sprint before the app development itself.
  • Working with us is like having an experienced in-house team.
  • We communicate often and openly. We always keep you updated.
  • We are here to support you in the long run - not just one project.
  • We have the skillset you need - from analysis and design to development.
  • We know a lot about digital projects, and we are happy to share.

Why work with us?

When you get in touch with us, our app developers and product managers will initially sit down with you to gain a detailed understanding of your needs. Upon doing so, they will inform you about the best solutions that can lead your project to successful completion. Rest-assured, every single preference and requirement that you share will be kept in mind all through the development procedure. So whether you need a customized CMS created for you, or want an app developed, the team at WSM Technologies has got you covered!